Pix World SIM

$ 29.99



  • Sim works in all Unlocked GSM Devices
  • Unlimited global messaging 
  • The most reliable World Sim available
  • Simple to use 
  • Worldwide shipping available 


Sim's sold direct on our website are preloaded with one free year of unlimited global messaging with applications such as WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Wechat, Facebook Messenger and more in 85+ countries. No Wifi or data plan is required. See a list of countries supporting free pix messaging.

Strong LTE Data with free incoming calls throughout Europe, Asia, Russia, South America, and Australia on the worlds strongest networks.

Pix Wireless® World - Best World SIM solution

Pix World is a universal prepaid sim card which allows users to communicate freely with their smartphones and/or tablets whether in your community or traveling abroad. Active in over 193 countries worldwide, Pix World sim users comfortably make and receive phone calls, send and receive sms texts, and/or access data on the worldwide web at a fraction of the cost.

Save up to 85% on roaming charges

If you are a frequent traveler and/or vacationer whether abroad or sailing at sea; Pix World is sure to save you up to 120% on roaming charges in comparison to the local network operators and does so via callback service when you place outgoing international calls. When a Pix World user places an international call from their cell phone - Pix World picks up the call, connects it to the number you dialed and calls you back instantly; thus connecting the two lines. A secure connection and superior sound quality is guaranteed as they travel exclusively through our worldwide partner networks.

Discover the Pix World Experience

Preparing for your next trip abroad and/or sailing the 7 sea’s on your next cruise ship vacation. Worldwide coverage in addition to the free services, benefits and features Pix World provides are sure to keep you connected to your world. Whether for yourself, spouse, family members, friends and/or colleagues; Pix World is the perfect primary or backup solution for your wireless needs.

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